Steps to getting a new blog running.

1) Think of a nice domain name

2) Buy it and host it

3) Set up domain

4) Install WordPress with Fantastico one-click

5) Find nice theme

6) Upload theme with ftp and add tracking codes like analytics, site stats

7) Upload via ftp some of the important plugins and activate them

8) Change domain name pointing to www from WP dashboard

9) Change permalink structure to search engine friendly type

10) Start blogging

11) Keep blogging

12) Add adsense

13) Submit URL to main search engines or if you already have other blogs, link the new blog from your old blog

14) Keep blogging

15) Start dreaming of making big bucks

Note : I bought a domain this morning and while I was setting it up, I decide to jot down what are the steps I took. Some of them are done simultaneously. The site is indexed by Google within 23 minutes or maybe earlier. Is that fast or what? So who needs any SEO gurus tutelage lah. Just follow my 15-steps and you get a site running and indexed within an hour. No need to carry angmoh balls. Last I count, I have 20 domains in BlueHost and I dare not even count the number of domains I have at GoDaddy, hosted on my VPS managed by Bryan.

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