Moving to a dedicated server

At the time of writing this, my webhost is moving my sites from a VPS server to a dedicated hosting. He has changed the DNS pointing to the new server and in a few hours, this post will disappear because this post is written and stored in the old VPS.

Normally, it takes like five hours for the full propogation but sometimes, TMnet line gives me weird things. It is going to be a now you see it, now you don’t kind of thing.

In case you are not sure what I am talking about, it goes like this.

All my files are stored in one location.

I also have another set copied to the new home.

Once that has been stored there, we need to change the DNS pointing to the new home. I.e. when you type the URL, it will go to the new place. Usually that takes a few hours. So sometimes, we ended up in the old place, sometimes we end up in the new home.

My webhost told me that my parenting site alone takes up 800MB in diskspace. Sometimes, I wonder if it is worth it for me to keep running the phpBB parenting forum because it costs me money and there are days when people pissed me off and I just want to delete it. Even my personal blog with 2400 postings plus a host of other blogs take only 500MB space. I pay several thousands Ringgit Malaysia per year for hosting and I hardly get any income from those parenting forum because I don’t have the heart to accept a couple of hundred from those work-at-home moms. And I hate being asked by local advertisers to do this, do that, change font, change color etc etc when I took their local ads. Sheesh….seriously, I am always at a crossroads with these ‘for the community’ stuffs. It drains my purse, the members sometime pissed me and yet, I am compelled to keep it running. Never mind, I will just keep it going until someday, someone really pissed me off again and I press the delete button.

I have closed the comment section because of the server migration. This post will self-terminated in a few hours. *poof!*

Post Author: lilian