Most wanted most obnoxious mom

I read about this “Calling All Badass Bloggers” from JohnCow. Like all gullible folks, I jumped right in and bought a slot on Blogging’s Most Wanted. I even managed to stalk JohnCow by buying the slot on the cow’s right side. Or is it left? Bah! I cannot differentiate right from left.

I am 69 years old LOL, female, single and not telling where I live. Because I cannot stand the heat of ‘segmentation’. Ouch, ouch, pain, pain. (I *may be* single when I am 69 LOL)

Description : Most Obnoxious mom who makes lots of money blogging.


JohnCow is 12 years old! Come little cow…come to me. I am a pedo. Muahahar…

So, you may ask…

1) Why buy a space?

Answer : Because I can afford to throw my money because I just need to write three paid posts because it is easy to earn money. See? Me bad Ingrish, no?

2) How much is it?

USD15, Paypal or credit card. I got plenty of money today because it is Friday and most paid post companies pay on Friday. Woohoo! Time for wasting money!

3)  Is this a con job?

Like who cares….See #2 explanation.  I got money to waste, geddit?

4) How will it benefits me?

If you need to ask so many questions, don’t bother anymore. Shoo!

Post Author: lilian

4 thoughts on “Most wanted most obnoxious mom


    (August 24, 2007 - 8:49 pm)

    Isn’t this the same like that guy who sold pixels?


    (August 24, 2007 - 10:29 pm)

    hmmm… is this some sponsored post?

    Ryan Shamus

    (August 25, 2007 - 5:50 am)

    LOL – great post! Very funny! Thanks again for your support, it means alot.

    @Leslie – it’s based on the same idea, yes, however this is geared specifically towards bloggers. I figured we all needed a place to show off, and it seems to be working rather well!

    Zewt – this post wasn’t sponsored by anyone but the author :)


    (August 25, 2007 - 1:23 pm)

    Ryan – Hey, tks for dropping by. I hope it takes off well.

    zewt – Not sponsored, more like a gamble. Its a win or lose. Lose = 15 bucks, Win = traffic, ranking, exposure
    So, I gamble.

    leslieho – Yeah, the same idea. Ooops, Ryan, the owner has explained it.

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