More WP 2.5 rants – Widgets

Am I clueless or what?

Previously, they show us the different panels of the widget. Say your WordPress theme has three widgets, all three will line up side by side and all I need was to shift the boxes around to how I want them placed. It is pretty easy to do so and from the panel, I can visualise which box should go first and so on.

Now? They have this drop down menu and at any one time, only one widget is shown. So, I need to remove box A, then, choose from the drop down menu for another sidebar and then add box A.

The other thing is – When I have text in those widget boxes, if I removed them (so that I can transfer it over to the next widget), those texts/html/javascripts completely disappeared, the whole box is toally empty.

Arrggh…am I doing something wrong here or those guys didn’t know that the widget boxes placed like this makes life so difficult for clueless bloggers like me?

I know, I know….I got WordPress.Org for free so I should stop bitching already!

Post Author: lilian