More on PayPerPost by Matt (of PhotoMatt)

Whoa!!!! More interesting stuffs regarding PayPerPost. Matt hinted:

PayPerPost takes that idea and pushes it way over the line, turning bloggers into spammers in the process.

This is not good. So, what I am going to do is to take down my [tag]Adsense[/tag] from the blog that I use [tag]PayPerPost[/tag]. ‘Cos you know why? I earn only USD45 for October on that blog from Adsense but I can easily make USD100 within 2 weeks from PayPerPost. That blog has a niche topic that not many posties write. You see, a lot of bloggers write about technology, gadgets, computers, internet, SEO and all those geeky stuffs but there is a lot of opportunities for regular Janes like me to write about regular stuffs. Remember? The internet is not for geeks only but the billions of people needs other basic needs like where to eat, how to DIY, what to buy etc etc.
Spammers or not, I have even asked SARAWHO (a blog feed for Asian blogs) owner to exclude my blog from his feeds. I don’t ping my posts on PPS (another blog portal for Malaysian blogs). And I categorised all my paid posts under ‘Products’ and had told my forum members about it. So, as far as I am concerned, I am clean. Yippe! I am back to writing more PayPerPost postings without Big Brother watching and breathing down my neck, I hope..

Matt also asked:

Would someone start an anti-PayPerPost Akismet, or a Firefox extension to detect and highlight people using them?

Well, anyone? Oh, can someone please tell Matt that it is not cute to use the photo of the kid in cowboy’s outfit in his About page?

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