Momentum- Internet outsourcing company

Momentum is a company specializing in taking care of all their clients internet needs. They provide business solutions like rich media design, application development and many more. Beside these, they also deal with Managed Hosting, Distributed Data Protection and Server Management.

Companies who are looking for web hosting colocation Canada ought to check out Momentum impressive list of clients. Amongst their satisfied clients are Government bodies, private companies and other organisations.

A look at the accolades they receive is very impressive. These include :

1) Custom Development Solutions Specialization Award – Microsoft
BOSTON, July 13, 2006

2) Momentum Advanced Solutions Named Vendor of the Year by MISA
TORONTO, July 5, 2006

3) OnX Enterprise Solutions Wins Gold and Silver Channel Elite Awards
Toronto, October 30, 2006

So, Momentum is one company that will bring your company and its brandname to life with thorough commitments.

*This post is brought to you by Momentum*

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