Michael Assringtone/Techcrunch versus Ted Murphy/PayPerPost

Few days back, I did a video titled [tag]PayPerPost[/tag] vs. The World (I got paid of course).  It is about David vs. Goliath.  If you watch the video, you will know that PayPerPost frequently gets controversial criticisms from A-list bloggers which include Michael Assringtone of [tag]Techcrunch[/tag].  A-list bloggers are those who can make or break a new kid on the block.

PayPerPost is not exactly the new kid but the concept was launched only around July this year.  So far, the critics are very harsh against PayPerPost and its’ posties.  Michael Assringtone call us slimeballs and his groupies have so many names I dare not even repeat on my blog.   Oooh…I love to be in the middle of this.   It makes blogging fun.  It doesn’t bother most of PayPerPost top and regular posties because they stood firm with the integrity of dishing out quality posts which help the advertisers  to get a peak in their search engine rankings.

For example, a few of my posts have brought the advertisers homepage up to the first 10 in Google and one of them even got Dugg.  So, at the end of the day, we don’t really care what the critics say because we are the one earning the  money while enjoying ourselves writing a specific topic.  There is no other ads income that pays as well as PayPerPost.

Just today, PayPerPost launches a new site call [tag]RockStartup.com[/tag] and Michael Assringtone biatched about it  again.  Oh btw, the name is not Assringtone, it is [tag]Michael Arrington[/tag].  But at the rate he is bitching on and on about what slimeballs we are, I think the name is very appropriate, isn’t it?  On the other hand, I wonder if Michael & Ted  are a couple of chummy friends who  are into this together?

There is nothing like  bad publicity from A-list bloggers to get the rest of us who are getting peanuts from other ads programme to jump in to discover what we can reap from there.    I got curious about PayPerPost from Techcrunch earlier posts and joined PayPerPost to check it out myself.  It was just a little over a month ago, using only one blog (and later on added a few more) and I already earned USD900 at last count.
Disclosure – This blog is not a PayPerPost registered blog because I have to wait until December 5th to submit my blog.  PayPerPost criteria is the blog must be 90 days old. And folks, if you got curious about PayPerPost, sign up now.  Do include my mail as your referral, will you please?  :P   the5xmom(@)gmail.com

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    well said, lilian.

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