McAfee SiteAdvisor – Firefox Plugin

I knew about this through PPP’s forum but can’t remember who gave it to us. If I can recall, I will add his URL here.

My PC and laptop are often used by my kids, including my toddler. Therefore, I had to keep on reminding them that they cannot download anything unless they have my permission. I have Avast on my desktop and laptop so it sorts of give me some protection.

After I heard of McAfee SiteAdvisor, I installed it and now, I have an extra thing to remind them. I told them that if they see a red button with a white ‘X’, they cannot click and visit that website. If they see a red bar on the bottom right of my browser window, they cannot proceed further or else my PC will bomb. LOL.

So, go get yourself a free download of McAfee SiteAdvisor Firefox Plugin. It will gives warning like this:

Warning: Our automated tests and/or our manual analysis revealed some serious issues to consider before using this site at all. (Example: The site sent us lots of spammy e-mail, bundled adware with a download, or has a business relationship with a company known for bad past practices).

Post Author: lilian