It is March already! It is time I stop my slacking and get back to my blogging for money mission.

During the month of February, I let a lot of paid post assignments given to me expired. I didn’t grab any paid posts because I was either too tired, simply not interested in crapping or afraid of losing pagerank.

I also didn’t upgrade my blogs, the plugins or read anything to learn on improving make money blogging.

So, this post is to tell myself to stop being such a lazy bum and start working. March on. Go grab every pennies I can find along the way and make money.

Now that my routine and sending and fetching my sons are somewhat established, I can grab a few hours here and a few hours there to concentrate on doing what I do best. Blogging for money.

No more mind numbing, turning stupid Hong Kong TVB series. No more silly computer games. No more reading craps online. Only work, work, work. March. March. March.

BTW, I heard that there was a Google pagerank recently? Is it true? I don’t see any increase or disappearance of my blogs PR so I cannot be sure. Was there a Google pagerank update in February or March 2009?

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