Some folks are not going to like this post. But then, what do I care?

I have just surfed some really crappy make money blogs and I notice how dishonest some of the bloggers are. They are really ripping people off with the offerings of making money when they themselves are not even making much.

I really cannot stand these bloggers who write with so much conviction and yet, from those of us who had been there, done that, get conned, get cheated but got wiser, we know they are just bullshitting.

Some photoshopped their income. Some boasted they made 400% more with some new program but that 400% only adds up to USD14. *slaps forehead* Then, some claimed they make thousands and yet, I don’t see what workable things they are doing.

So, whether people like it or not, I think when we have regular followers to our blog, we have to be somewhat honest with the people who faithfully follow our blogs. It is the moral thing to do. Whether in real life or on the blogosphere. Don’t bullshit them, don’t give them alternatives that may kill their blog, don’t lie, don’t cheat and always give the little disclaimer whenever possible.

I think it is because of this honesty that Darren Rowse of Problogger is still my very much respected blogger. He has integrity, kindness, generousity, truth and he never give utter bullshits just to earn referral fees.

So yeah, those newbies probloggers wannabe, we know you are cheating. Enough of that already.

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