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I signed up with [tag]Kontera[/tag] to experiment with this method of advertising and installed it only 8 days ago. The reason I hesitate earlier was because I initially has a dislike for pop up ads. However, I observed that all the probloggers have Kontera and hence, I decided to instal the codes.

I face some problems due to my footer file which lacks some code and the Kontera ads won’t show. However, Kontera’s staff Evan was very helpful and I finally got it running.

I must say that I am sceptical that people will actually click on those ads. However, I am proven wrong. There are clicks and there is [tag]money[/tag] to be made from [tag]Kontera ads[/tag].

kontera2 copy

Right now, I only put it on four sites of mine, two of which are non-PPP blogs. As for the other two, I have filtered out all the paid posts. Therefore, you do not see that many Kontera ads on my site due to all these filtering.

I have made USD11 in 8 days. I know the amount is not much but remember that I only instal the 3 other blogs only 4 days ago and these are all heavily filtered. So, I am very optimistic that Kontera is a good way to [tag]make money[/tag].

Do sign up with Kontera and experiment it yourself. Kontera’s service has been excellent so far.

Sign up for Kontera ads – Pays well, saves space (aff.)

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2 thoughts on “Make Money with Kontera ads


    (July 27, 2007 - 12:22 am)

    I also don’t like it before this, but now I saw many blogger installed it, I feel like making a try too


    (July 31, 2007 - 4:12 pm)

    I have installed kontera on my blog, but one of my paid post got rejected, reason is they said i got third party advertising on my post itself.

    So i got to remove the kontera and resubmit my post.

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