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When you Google your own blog brandname, what do you get? Sometimes, just to test how ‘popular’ the term 5xmom is, I do Google self. I like to know which blogs mention me and who are on the front page. I notice that the results normally start with those pages with high PR. So, that’s why PR matters.

Yesterday night, I Googled self and just recalled that I have forgotten to mention that this blog was reviewed by Blog of Famer. I wanted to make a post about this but totally forgot about it until last night when Blog of Famer appeared on the first page when I Googled 5xmom.

So, who or what is Blog of Famer? Well, I am not sure if Famer is a word but I guess it is something they coined to mean fame?

We are a team of bloggers who always believe in taking control of our own paths rather than inevitable fate. We believe that something can be done by executing our plans. Stay with us, so that you won’t miss out any exciting projects that we are going to implement in the future.

They made a review of this blog and I must thank them for this.

If I may, I also have some suggestions for them. Well, it is based on what I think works. I notice they have no Adsense but only Bidvertiser. I assume they have been ‘knocked off’? Well, you can try to re-apply, you know? Because I personally feel Bidvertiser pays very little. Unless Google banned your URL, you can always re-apply with a new name and new address. And don’t repeat what you probably had ‘done’.

The other thing I notice is they only place one post on the main page. I wonder why? Usually, people do not bother to click next to read the next post. So, why limit to only one post on main page? Note that people also hates to ‘Click to read more’ unless your site is a very popular magazine with thousands of readers. So, if you are a new blog starting out, do not use the ‘Click to read more’. Even I myself do not use this feature because it annoys my regular readers.

Otherwise, Blog of Famer has a very clean and organised blog theme. I can see that they also take their reviews seriously. If you wish to get them to do a review of your blog, do write to them.

Thank you, Keith and Tom for your review and all the best!

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1 thought on “Make$ Money$ reviewed by Blog of Famer

    Blog Of Famer

    (August 13, 2008 - 11:50 pm)

    It’s really a big big surprise! Thanks 5xmom for mentioning about us!
    We’ll learn from you and really glad that we can have you reviewed on our blog!
    We’ll keep learning and improving!
    Thanks once again to!!!

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