Make money online Malaysia – Heh, eat this!

This is another ‘rub it in’ to the sour puss who tried so hard to prove how easy it is for him to get on the first page of Google Search Results in Malaysia. Yeah, so what….just for everyone’s information, make money keyword does not make money. So stop trying already. And did your ball grows bigger when you hit the first page? You better check ‘cos it could be hernia. Go try viagra, it makes more money and useful too.

If you are from the local blogosphere, I bet you know who I am referring to. Wanna follow my Make Money ‘ho-liao-ness’ ah? Go ahead lah, not that I make any money from this blog. Somemore kopikat the same blog title Make Money Online wor…Show income first lah.

I blog over here simply because I sincerely think that whatever I learned, if I share with another person, they will benefit too. Not like sour puss who only know how to boast and bluff but never seen a single screenshot of the sourpuss’s PayPal also. Ptui…

Anyway, another screenshot to rub it in. This blog is one position higher than LiewCF on make money online malaysia keyword. LiewCF was my make money mentor so it is very exhilarating to get one step ahead of my mentor. Yes, I started learning on how to make money from LiewCF when we started in 2003.

Picture 1.png

This blog will continue it’s mission of helping people to make money online without being scammed or getting their money cheated. So, wanna pwnd the top position? Go ahead and use your software lah, see if Google sniffs the suddenly surge in backlinks and smack you to karma 99-level hell.

Gee…I must have eaten too much curry, extra spicy today.

Actually, with the hundreds of make money online blogs out there, one needs some individuality and personality injected into our blogs or else it is too ‘dry’.

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6 thoughts on “Make money online Malaysia – Heh, eat this!


    (July 13, 2008 - 12:11 am)

    people are following the trend.
    and that make a lot of rubbish out there.
    only some can be used & recycled back.

    Make Money Talks

    (July 13, 2008 - 12:45 am)

    Congrats on new top position!


    (July 13, 2008 - 2:51 pm)

    great to learn a thing or 2 from your blog daily, keep it up ;)


    (July 13, 2008 - 10:22 pm)

    hehe macam gangster lah u Lilian,
    why so angry..biasa lah diaorg pun mau cari makan maa :)

    eh why now Liew CF so lazy to post aa


    (July 13, 2008 - 11:29 pm)

    lankapo – No lah, this person I dissed memang asked for it cos he started it. LiewCF cari gurlpren. Tarak senang. Hahaha.

    Blue – Tks

    MMT – Nothing to be proud of, cos here today, tomorrow also slide down.

    syuxx – Yeah, a lot of them are just bullshitting to earn referral fees. Some took e-zine articles and then, acted like it is theirs.


    (July 14, 2008 - 8:41 am)

    the guy challange you lilian ahyi ??

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