Do you know that the PR smackdown is still ongoing? Well, it is still happening. Someone just pointed out to me two bloggers’s blogs who lost PR by two points yesterday and today. Be afraid, be very afraid. You could be the next victim….Muahaharrr…..*insert Friday 13th music*

I think one of the hardest hit by the PR smackdown is my personal blog which drops from PR 5/10 to PR 3/10 and then, PR 2/10. I thought long and hard and I decided that PR is just numbers. I cannot kiss goodbye to good money like what I earn from TLA, LinkWorth, PayPerPost, ReviewMe, SponsoredReviews and other paid posts companies and text link ads companies.

For eg. below is my income for the month of November (after I become a PR 2/10) from TLA.


Will you reject all the money in the hope of getting better PR which is NOT a promise? Remember that PR depends on many factors and many of which, are not known to us. Are you going to give up cold, hard cash for something that is not certain and will not serve you any purpose unless you monetize only by Google Adsense (which is very hard to earn)?


A lot of people have the impression that if you get Googlesmack, you are going to be buried six feet under. Well, I don’t see the effect. I got smack in early October 2007 and my traffic did not suffer. The above is the monthly stats and you do not see October traffic dipped, do you? No suicidal jump at all.

Still negative? Still doubtful? Well, here’s the daily graph.


None dip, right? The lowest bar during end of October was due to server crash in my old VPS and then, moving server and waiting for DNS to propagate after that. In all, that took about two days.

So, one advice I can give to bloggers who got smack by Google is to stop licking your PR wounds, track your traffic before you decided to do something irrational like dissing all other ads income. If you need anymore morale booster, read LinkWorth’s Penalizing or Penisizing?
And to those biatches who are rejoicing because my PR is lower than yours, nah, my middle finger. PR doesn’t matter. Traffic does. So is blog influence, brandname and just one word, I am still as femes. You are not. So ptui!

P/S : Shitty feedburner numbers are going wonky again. The moment Google got hold of Feedburner, the numbers have gone wonky.

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