LOL, PayPerPost has 688 opps

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Had to refresh the screen twice before I believe it.

I took a screenshot of the 688 but it is in my other computer. Anyway, I managed to grab two opps – a USD15 opps which have been sitting in my draft folder because previously I missed it. In the early days when I joined PayPerPost, they didn’t implement the ‘Hold opp for 30 minutes’ and some of the written opps were taken away before I can submit it.

The thrill of seeing 35 pages of opps is like striking a small lottery. Though I couldn’t take a lot of the opps but still, it is insane to have 688 opps to choose from. The best thing is you get to catch those that slipped through your hands months ago.

I guess it is a computer glitch. But still, I love PayPerPost for the fun. (and the money of course, i.e. if I am paid for those opps)

Oh ya, the site is temporarily unavailable. I bet when it gets back on, the 688 is no longer there.

Added – Oh well, it is really a glitch and I have received an apology email from Pete. No problem, Pete & PPP, still love you guys. :)

Post Author: lilian