LinkWorth products explained

Here are the explanations from LinkWorth for easier reference. I hope this clears up some of the confusion. :P

Thank you Lilian! Yes, we get the product name topic from time to time. It’s one of those things where if we called them “text link ads” or “sponsored reviews” or “in-text ads” … not only will people tell us we’re not very creative or original with our naming scheme, but others already use those names and we like to brand our own unique, creative names
LinkAds – It’s an Ad with a Link
LinkWords – We link unique words which direct people to an advertisers page.
LinkInTxt – you purchase keywords and add a link to the word that is inside existing text
LinkSura – this one is tricky, but it’s simply an acronym – Single Url Rotating Ad (SURA)
LinkMura – this is just like above, an acronym – Multiple Url Rotating Ad (MURA)
LinkBB – a bulletin board ad, or some call it a hosted content page. LinkBB is easier to say.
I think I covered most of the common ones.

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