LinkWorth offers bloggers the No-Follow option

In case you want some no-follow plugins to be the unfriendly bastard like me, you can head over to AndyBeard‘s site. He has the ultimate follow and no-follow plugins. I use a variety because there are sites that I totally do not wish to leave any chances for Google to bitch slap me again. And errm..there are sites which I leave an option.

There are two types of plugins I used:

1) Totally no-follow like what I used here.

2) No-follow from main, follow on single. I told one paid post company that if the advertiser pays me, they are paying for the single page so they get the no-follow removed on single but not on my main index. Fair and square, right?

Now, I just read that LinkWorth is giving us bloggers the option. If you still wish to sell your links through LinkWorth and also apply no-follow, you can do so. It is like having our cake and eat it.

Here’s the posting taken from LinkWorth :

Nofollow Option:

Many partners have stressed the desire to apply the controversial rel=nofollow tag. Our terms have always stated that text ads must be search engine friendly to ensure advertisers received the full benefit of the advertisement, however, we want to provide an option for those who want to apply the nofollow tag to text ads. For this reason we are adding a new option in your site settings that will allow the nofollow tag to be applied. Once activated, your listing will be illustrated with a nofollow highlight alerting all advertisers of your policy prior to purchase. If you have existing advertisements and wish to switch to a nofollow status, an email will be sent to each advertiser alerting them of your change and they will have the option to cancel their ads with a prorated refund. The nofollow tag is not something we plan to force on anyone since it is not our place to tell you how to code your site. The tag is a preference of each partner and it is up to the advertiser if they wish to pay for these types of text ads. The important step is to ensure both parties are on the same page.

I like this move. I hope TLA and all the other paid post companies will do that too. Usually, on better blogs, our links drive good traffic to the advertisers. So, the advertisers still get good traffic without the PR juice. Knowing how touchy Google is with selling PR juice, it will work, don’t you think so? They pay a sum of money, they get a link that drives traffic to them. No risk to us and no risk to the advertisers as well. After all, Google may even bitch slap advertisers for buying PR juice.

I am going to give this no-follow text link a trial run and see if advertisers like the idea.

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3 thoughts on “LinkWorth offers bloggers the No-Follow option

    sir jorge

    (January 12, 2008 - 3:41 am)

    i don’t like the no follow thing, but then again, who am i?


    (January 12, 2008 - 4:47 pm)

    Oic, google update their pagerank. I’ll check out my latest pagerank then.

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