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I have encouraged a lot of friends to give LinkWorth a try because so far, I have been quite successful in getting paid posts and paid links from them. However, many were confused with the control centre. I admit that eventhough I have joined for a while, I am also very confused and cannot remember the different terms like LinkWords, LinkTxt, LinkPost and LinkWords.

So, let me recap a few common ones that we bloggers/publishers may be interested in :

LinkPost is PAIDPOST : LinkPost allows partners to be paid for reviewing products and/or services from an advertiser. To qualify for this service, you must list your blog/site into our system. Once advertisers select your blog for a review, you can check their requirements and product to be written about.

LinkWords is like Adwords (Adsense) : We get money for pay per click – PPC. I believe if we have Adsense, we cannot use it. (edited : LinkWorth said it is OK to use along with Adsense because :

This advertising product does NOT violate AdSense TOS because their big hang up is showing of ads that can be confused with their own, or mimic theirs.

LinkTxt is almost like Kontera : I also haven’t explore the potential of this product because the blogs I have are either filled with Kontera or I cannot display them due to PayPerPost TOS unless I have a way to filter out those posts.

Text Link – Yikes, I do not know what’s the name of this product but it is text link ads and so far, I have two of them on my personal blog at 5xmom.

Therefore if you find the control centre confusing, it is because LinkWorth is like [tag]Google Adsense[/tag],[tag] PayPerPost[/tag], [tag]Kontera[/tag], [tag]SponsoredReviews[/tag], TextLinkAds all rolled into one.

Currently, I have not even add all my blogs yet because I keep getting confused with the terms. However, I see a bright future with LinkWorth Text Link Ads because sadly, [tag]TextLinkAds[/tag], the original TLA is not appearing on the top page of Google search. Right now, LinkWorth rules. So, as bloggers, we must be proactive and go where the leaders are.

Read more about [tag]LinkWorth[/tag] and the potential of making money with text link ads. They are coming up with a new control centre.

*some of the links provided above are my referral link, i.e. if you sign up, I earn USD10. :) *

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6 thoughts on “LinkWorth – New dashboard coming soon


    (August 14, 2007 - 4:40 pm)

    Thank god~!
    I keep getting lost in there~!


    (August 14, 2007 - 5:11 pm)

    TLA never gave me a link but I just got one from Linkworth today which made me happy. I just don’t know if I’m doing the right thing to publish it because its so darned confusing!


    (August 14, 2007 - 5:13 pm)

    No luck so far. No luck with TLA either. My TLA for foodie blog has been relegated down the catalog due to some sites putting in hundreds of pages for TLA. Bah! How are the advertisers suppose to notice my blog like that?

    Ah Pek

    (August 14, 2007 - 5:33 pm)

    Ya! You are right. Linkworth is my biggest earner now.

    PB is right, inserting the text links is quite confusing for the non tech savvy, but only need to be done once. Let me know if you need help. I expert now. Got 5 text links running under my post in Dunno how google will take it though. hehehehe…


    (August 15, 2007 - 3:18 pm)

    I’m beginning to like linkworth. I just got a link post today – yay! I’m so happy, it’s better than TLA for now :)

    Jeremy Luebke

    (August 17, 2007 - 3:50 am)

    Just a little clarification. LinkWords is like Kontera and yes a PPC product.

    LinkInText is a pure SEO text link ad, but in the middle of the content. We just spider the partners site to allow you to search for keywords in the middle of content to get links from.

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