LinkWorth has a new product call the LinkPost jobs which will enable bloggers to make money writing paid posts. Previously, the paid posts were assigned to us when the advertisers pick our blogs. I have made some nice income from LinkWorth.

Now, this new product is an open ‘market’ where bloggers can pick up the topics to write when the advertisers place them on the ‘market’.

Right now, I see only one topic which is paying USD20 per post. I am not taking it because it doesn’t fit into the blogs I reserved for making money writing paid post. But if you are interested, do join LinkWorth. It is a good company which has a lot of products to offer.

Please read my previous post on LinkWorth to understand how it works. I have many posts about LinkWorth such as :

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and many more.

(LinkWorth’s affiliate banner – You can sign up here)

And if you wonder if your blog will get pagerank demotion, well….the decision is yours.

Don’t be a pansie
if you want to make money.


The above is a screenshot of my May income. Note that on the right, there is the Alert panel with one job waiting? If you are a LinkWorth publisher, do log in and see if you are qualified to take the post.

Good luck making money with LinkWorth!

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