This post is definitely not for those who are chicken shits scared of big G-evil. You may leave now. Thank you.

However, if you are the adventurous, rebellious and shall I say, daring and a trailblazer type, then read on.

One of the products offered by LinkWorth is call the LinkInTxt. Many people do not know what it is. Now, I am going to show you how it works.

First of all, you have to submit your site to take these sort of ads. You may set a price of USD5 up to whatever amount you think fit.

Next, on the advertisers’ side, they will identify sites that have the keywords related to their business.

For me, I have a site selling college students loans buying up the keyword ‘schools’ in some of my old posts.


I got an email notification that someone is buying the keywords and if I agree to sell it. You have the option to say no. Those who are dead afraid of Google and are getting suicidal over losing pageranks, you can kiss the money goodbye because you are better off without these.


Of course I am always game because I find Google dead manipulative. Because of that, I am so gonna sell everything on my site, including my souls because who is Google to say no.

So, I got the codes, add the links to my old posts with the word schools. Tadaaa….I made five quick bucks in some old posts that I have even forgotten that I wrote. Easy money, no?

Some things you may want to note :

1) Do not add the link to your paid posts;

Well, you know what? LOL, I do not know if I have to leave it permanently or take it off after a month. I don’t care anyway. who has the time to un-link them?

You want to make money with LinkWorth? Sign up with LinkWorth now.

You are afraid of losing pagerank and getting smacked further by Google? Then, blogging to make money is not for you.

If all the LinkWorth products still puzzle you, read the terms explained in this post re LinkWorth. Ron, the boss of LinkWorth personally left a comment to explain the terms to me. Am I famous or am I famous? LOLZ.

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