LinkWorth – Does it work?

One of the latest thing that is supposed to make you money is links in text whereby the advertisements are inserted into keywords in your post. There are a few companies doing that which are [tag]Kontera[/tag], LinkWorth and another ‘yet to be revealed’ InLinks ad.

Some of my sites have been approved for these ads program but I did not want to install it because it doesn’t go together with my paid posts. Although I have the option of inserted some codes to prevent the paid posts from showing the ads, it is just too tedious to remember them all the time.

Moreover, I am doubtful if my readers like to see a small talk bubble with the ads appearing everytime someone hover the mouse over those underlined words. I certainly never check those ads out before on other bloggers site. Because it screams, “I am an ad and I want you to click me”. Which I won’t.

The other thing I am doubtful is if people will click on those links and ignore my Adsense which has more money in it. Adsense is a proven method that works for me.

So, I am not about to experiment. However, I received an email from LinkWorth this morning that they have a WordPress plugin which will make things easier. Now, I am curious to take [tag]LinkWorth[/tag] for a test drive. Have you tried it yet? Any thoughts on these links in post ads?

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    (July 2, 2007 - 2:19 pm)

    Iv’e signed up with link worth, but instead of giving me a publisher account only, they insist become an advertiser as well.

    so, it’s been 3 weeks since and i’ve written to them to ask to change my account to PUBLISHER/PARTNER only.

    So far, TLA is pretty consistent!


    (July 2, 2007 - 2:24 pm)

    Never liked this type of ads as it is annoying. HOWEVER, if it appears on some of my favourite blogs, I “close-one-eye” lah.

    Ah Pek

    (July 2, 2007 - 2:47 pm)

    Since I don’t have adsense let me try already then let me try then let you know. I have installed the plugin and inserted the function codes but no ads appear.

    Dunno about this, but linkpost works for me. I have done 3 reviews for them already. maybe it’s because I priced it a bit low at 35USD a piece. got a bit regret I priced so low because must share with them 50/50.


    (July 2, 2007 - 10:34 pm)


    Please email me at matt at linkworth dot com so I can look into this for you. Our sign-up form had a glitch in early June that has since been corrected…and I can convert your account back into a Partner-only if you prefer.


    (July 3, 2007 - 3:34 pm)

    Matt – i believe the issue has been sorted out, TQVM!


    (July 3, 2007 - 11:51 pm)

    Hi Lillian,

    Reading through your post, it sounds like you think LinkWorth only offers the in-text style ads. I may have misunderstood and definitely apologize if I did. Our in-text ads you speak of (We call them LinkWords) is just one of many products we offer. We were built around simple text link ads. We have several types of these available to offer as a publisher or purchase as an advertiser. Just a quick little insight:

    LinkAds – regular text link ads

    LinkInTxt – buying static keyword links within existing content

    LinkWords – in-text ads (the PPC model like Kontera)

    LinkPost – paid blog reviews

    LinkSura – rotating text link ads where anchor text rotates

    LinkMura – rotating text link ads where anchor text and url rotates

    These are the more popular…we have a total of 11 products.

    Anyhow, hope this helps clear the air. Thanks for talking about us!

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    (July 4, 2007 - 6:02 pm)

    Lilian, I like Linkworth. I got many textlink ads from them and we can take up to 75% of the fees, depending on what you confirm at the beginning. I actually make more than from TLA.

    Their paid post also got potential. I didn’t sign up the in-text ads though. Not fond of that format.

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