Linkies – LeeDodd

This site, LeeDodd dot com sounds like an almost similar niche with Make$ Money$ except that his site is wayyyy professional and has an active discussion about his internet business activities, updated with industry news, Lee Dodd’s tips and he also answer questions sent to him.

He provides several good pieces of articles about the different aspects of making money online. So, if you are one who constantly search for new opportunities to make money online, do check out Lee Dodd Dot Com.

However, Lee, for some funny reason your site takes a while to download on IE7. I have to wait for several seconds, looking at the gray panel before the words appear. You may want to investigate why ‘cos I almost leave the site. But I am going to keep the page on 10 ways to become a more efficient webmaster for reading later.

*This is a paid review but it has been nice to stumble on Lee Dodd.*

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