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There has been a lot of talks on [tag]Death of Adsense[/tag] and the subsequent [tag]Life After Adsense[/tag] reports. I had read them too but am not totally convinced nor worry about it because I am what is described as the ‘small fries’, picking up those little pennies on the roadside.

For a start, I think bloggers who blog for fun shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations like earning four figures in US Dollars. Let’s take for example, an executive level employee. How much is their salary? Say, RM1,500 to RM2,500? So, if one earns RM2K from Adsense per month, it is good enough, no? That is only about USD550. Therefore, I wouldn’t lose sleep over reports written by some gurus who talks about USD50,000 Adsense income.

However, this post is not about Adsense but something else. This is the next big thing to me because I just love the way things work in [tag]Text Link Ads[/tag]. I get paid right away for nice and relevant links on my site.

Text Link Ads has a good blog which revealed many things that amateurs like me never realised. It is called Linkbuilding Blog and explains to us why it is important to get links to each other. Read it. Sign up as a Publisher with TLA, put their affliate banner on your site and sit back and wait for someone to buy a link. Even my PR2/10, niche topic, hardly updated blog has sold some links.

One extra special secret little message

There’s going to be a huge, exciting, awesomely-awesome product launch at Text Link Ads this week. We’ll announce it here of course, so stay tuned.

TLA revealed that there is more exciting product  coming soon. So, sign up Text Link Ads now and be prepared for Plan B.

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