Let’s take part in the 2,000 comments attempt

Ted Murphy is up to something again. According to Pete from PayPerPost Dev. Team, this is the result of a sleep deprived CEO. Ted wants to attempt enter the Guiness Book of World Records for Largest Blog Comment Chain World Record Attempt. Can we help along and get our names amongst the 2,000?

Well, so far, I have seen some very controversial issues that receive over 500 comments when one country is at ‘war’ with another country. I have been part of it for the fun of it. Do you know the thrills of post anon. just to irk more people into commenting? Like once, I said our neighbouring country drank sewage water and hence, they are all stupid. That got a string of angered patriotric countrymen flamming each other.

This is juvenile, I know but heck, blogsphere can get boring when this doesn’t happen once in a while. So, back to PayPerPost attempt, I am not sure if Ted can get the 2,000 comments. I told him if he had posted a half naked photo of himself and entice us women with ‘if I get 2,000 comments, you will see me in my birthday suit’ then, I bet the numbers will shoot up within a day. Otherwise, it is pretty hard.

Nevertheless, like all faithful PPP postie, I am game for it. So, folks, let’s help PPP along with the numbers, will ya? Go on, it takes only a minute to add your name there. Otherwise, if you don’t take part in such blogging fun, how can you really call your blog as blog? We have to be part of a community to be able to forge ahead as a blogger. Otherwise, blogging can get pretty dull and boring.

Hmmmm…do you know that my highest number of comments is only 80+. And that is during my April’s Fool joke that I am pregnant. It gave me a nice feeling. I am so lurved, by 80+ people whom I appreciated.

Now, go over to this blog post at PPP and add your comment. I had added mine. Don’t forget to read it. And hey, make it interesting so that at least someone will get curious and give your blog a visit. That’s the positive point of commenting – getting people to visit the blogger.

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    (April 11, 2007 - 12:15 am)

    Hi Lilian.
    Thanks for voting for me. My Tan family(3) voted for you too. I feel paiseh to vote you as the Most Obnoxious Blogger. You should be the Hottest Mommy Blogger! Best wishes.

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