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Yesterday, I saw two similarities on two paid post companies. Both of them are encouraging their network of publishers/bloggers to take up this trend of ‘I scatch your back, you scratch mine’ style of blogging.

I got the email from one of them which encourage their publishers to write a review of a fellow postie while the other write about someone else. Though this sounds like a great idea, I don’t think I will be bothered with that.

Firstly, I have very high regards for my blogs and I am bordering on being very snobbish. There is nothing wrong with that, you know? So, I won’t be writing about just any random stranger and give them a link unless I really like them.

Secondly, I don’t encourage others to take up this deal because the company (not SocialSpark but starts with the letter S too) has recently promoted a lot of online casino paid posts. So, if you participate in this circle of ‘I scratch your back and you scratch mine’ your blog is going into a neighbourhood of online casinos cesspool. Google, our dear internet god, can and will know and definitely will smack everyone who do this notty-notty thing.

Thirdly, the network promises of ‘increase pageranks, drive traffic, build a community’ is pure bullshit.

Now you know…

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    bb community

    (April 21, 2008 - 1:28 pm)

    Hi mom, luckily u tell us about this thing. I was just about to write a “scratch back” post from this program. Yeah, i know it when u mean it started with “S”, haha~ Thanks a lot!

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