Last chance to jump on the MYList bandwagon!

Have you join?

Do you see an effect?

Do you blog hop to broaden your horizon?

Do you think it is useful?

My thoughts on MYList

I joined.

Yes, the effect was tremendous!

I found a few new blogs from there. Though I do wish people will not submit their splogs and those more than 50% paid posts blogs to the list. Even I myself submitted only the blogs that I am proud of, i.e. four of them only.

Useful? Yes because I can use the links as a giant blogroll.

I had just addded it to as blog links. BTW, I have given a facelift to and monetize it a bit because I need to pay hosting fees BlueHost for the subsequent years. The hosting there was USD165 for two years. Submit your feeds URL with the form so that you can share your blogs with us. Please, no paid posts intensive blogs and no commercial blogs.

You do not know what is mylist? Hop over to Daryl’s blog, grab the list, email him immediately when you have added the list to your blog.

Today is the last day.

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2 thoughts on “Last chance to jump on the MYList bandwagon!


    (May 31, 2007 - 1:10 am)

    My technorati rank jumped so much because I joined MyList


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