Kumiko’s review of PayPostDirect

After all the excitement on PayPerPost new PayPerPosDirect, I am feeling a little apprehensive now. I had priced my personal blog at USD100 for a review because that’s the price some advertisers have paid for the reviews on my site. In principle, I think it is only right that I set a standard price because it is not very nice for me to put my hands out and take USD10 and USD100 and give the same results.

Maybe because I am Chinese and it is ingrained in my Chinese blood to have that sort of business principles. You can’t sell the same thing at different prices. No doubt I do take opps for as low as USD20 sometimes, it is only short posts with topics that may appeal to my readers’ interests.

If you observe, I have also taken less and less paid posts on this blog because suddenly, I feel so much love for this blog and I am going to limit the paid posts as well. Only good paying and relevant topics here. (unless I accidentally accepted without reading th fine prints and cannot back out, something that happens rarely)

Back to PayPerPostDirect, I had wrongly predicted that higher ranking bloggers are going to be placed in a blog directory for the advertisers to choose. Unfortunately, that is not the case now. The sidebar widget is more like a stumble upon banner that offers potential advertisers to ask us to blog for them. Oh well, I don’t think anyone is likely to do that. *hangs head and feel downcast*

I would like to recommend you to read Kumiko‘s review of PayPerPostDirect. Do read some of her thoughts and also the responses from Pete and VC Dan from PPP. Let’s hear both sides of the stories. And hope this new feature benefits us posties and advertisers as well. Thanks to Doris for link.

*keeping fingers crossed that I can still retain my highest monthly, daily and all time top earners position*

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6 thoughts on “Kumiko’s review of PayPostDirect


    (May 25, 2007 - 2:20 am)

    Lilian thats a very good link to read. I may be newbie, but its really useful information from their debate. Both or probably every commenter there have their own points but Kumiko got them all answered… leaving them back with a question to be answered by themselves. Cool. See, I told my friend, if they lepak here they can gain something new and useful. Im reading all this and typing at 2am but im pumped up to gain more input. Thanks Lilian.


    (May 25, 2007 - 9:01 am)

    *hangs head looking downcast as well* – I don’t think any advertiser would bother…there are millions of blogs out there. Well, assuming there are 100,000 bloggers who do “paid posts”, the chances of advertisers stumbling upon the “lesser known” bloggers are well…so much lesser. This PPP Direct will invariably create an added opportunity for the more established bloggers to make even more money. To put it simply, advertisers are probably more likely to go to you than say…come to me :)


    (May 25, 2007 - 4:19 pm)

    According to the theory of Economics, we should set different price in different market, even for the same goods, to maximise the profit, this is called price discrimination :D


    (May 25, 2007 - 6:29 pm)

    am i still banned by the karma here?
    read this last night… like early in the morning. It’s a very good read. Kumiko got all the questions answered.
    For Lilian, deserved to be rated at USD100 review.

    Andy Beard

    (May 25, 2007 - 7:43 pm)

    I wouldn’t worry about lack of opportunities in the future, and I am sure the guy at PPP will make sure that the majority of bloggers are not alienated


    (May 28, 2007 - 12:57 am)

    Lilian.. dosh dosh did a post on that too. Didn’t wanna leave the link cos it’s so very long.. you check it out k?

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