Have you have conversations with people who just do not know when to stop talking? They will yelp, yelp, yelp on and on eventhough we show signs of disinterest. Then, there are the constant whiners who will whine about the bad weather, the bad knees, the bad foods and bad mother-in-law and etc. These people are such a pain in the arse, aren’t they? Yet, sometimes we do not have the courtesy to tell them to shut up and we just bear and grin along.

Well, blogging is the same thing too. If you are writing a more staid and stiff blog topic, stop when you do not have anything new to offer your readers. Do not post for the sake of putting something online. Stop blogging for a few days and if it takes you several weeks, do it too. Normally, you do not owe your readers any apologies.

If you are writing a personal blog, then, all the more to keep quiet. If you are hot, people will be banging on your door, i.e. leaving comments asking you where you are. If you are not, no one misses you.

Knowing when to stop is good for us because it is better to be missed than to churn out lame posts and cause readers to find other more interesting blogs to read.

So, what do you think? Is it better to stop blogging when you are not inspired or is it better to keep posting some lame posts?

Oh ya…of course, there is also the harsh fact that you soon realise that you are not cut out to be a blogger and your blog just die like that. Better still, get rid of bad rubbish. Muahaharrr…actually, this is just another lame post because I am busy following the political news on the Permatang Pauh by-election.

For the non-Malaysian readers, we are having a small by-election in a small village tomorrow. If the favored candidate Anwar Ibrahim wins, he said he is going to be our next Prime Minister. So, that’s why a lot is at stake and I am gluing my focus over there until it is over. There are sex, sodomy, swear, poor God the witness, money, bribes, molests, fights and much more to be entertained with. My make money blogging is taking a second place right now. *keeps praying for shocking but positive results*

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