A few bloggers have written to ask me about the related posts plugin I am currently using for my WordPress. I was/am/not going to use anymore the Related Posts plugin from wasabi something which is no longer available. However, the plugin doesn’t work with some themes and I suspect it used up too much CPU wateva because it is so old and outdated.

Yesterday, I found out about this Yet Another Related Post plugin for WordPress. I had installed it on my personal blog and oh boy, I love it so much. It ‘drags’ out so many related posts that I have forgotten I had written them three years ago.

Do give this plugin a try if you are looking for Related Post plugin. The benefit of having related posts on your post is to trick your readers to hang around longer on your site. The other thing is of course, to go down memory lane and recall what you wrote before.

The plugin is easy because it automatically inserts all the related post without any hacking of codes. Just upload, activate and you are done. You also have the option to choose how you want them displayed.

Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.