Keep yourself amuse with this website SEO grader tool

I know I shouldn’t be blogging but the rainy weather has kept us home while the kids have their classes at church. So, let me share this fun and rather useful tool that I discovered from JohnChow.

Website Grader is going to make all of you with good grades very happy while those of you who have lousy gradings, to work harder. Trust my words. It takes hard work to get somewhere. One of them is to write good contents. Like me. :)


No shite! This site scores 97/100. If you think that is not impressive, wait till you see the next screenshot.


Look, ma! I win JohnChow, that who kid sat in front and spat at the kids at the back, by TWO FREAKING points! We were so close to each other marks. Am I clever or what, ma? (ok, I am stupid, I saw wrongly, it is the percentage not the ranking. so sue me for being stupid)


And this is the sweetest candy of all. Why are advertisers paying JohnChow a freaking USD400 to do a review when they can pay me only USD60 through PayPerPost direct or USD80 through LinkWorth or SponsoredReviews? I pwnd! My Make Money keyword is on position #7 while JohnChow is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy at the back at 47.

Is my SEO skills good or is my SEO skills good?

Ahh…another ego boosting post that all of us who write for money should do once in a while. Believe me, it is good for our dented souls. Go over to Website Grader and get your grades, chewren. If you are going to share with your readers, please quote my poor blog puhleez? It is Make$ Money$ at With the $$$ signsss please. The kind of blog even your mom approves. :P Remember to read some of the tips and points provided in the suggestion box.

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4 thoughts on “Keep yourself amuse with this website SEO grader tool


    (September 15, 2007 - 7:08 pm)

    My website grade is 57, at least half of yours :D


    (September 15, 2007 - 11:19 pm)

    glad to have PR4 on your site! JohnChow can do, You can do it too. congratulations wish you become JohnChow no.2 here :D

    Wayne Liew

    (September 16, 2007 - 11:44 am)

    I got a 60+ grade. I think the tool is not going to be “free” for long right?


    (September 15, 2008 - 4:37 pm)

    Wow, your blog is 97.9. Just 0.1 point more and you’ll be in the top 2%.

    My grade is 92% but it doesn’t seem to help much LOL. The website grader is still free until now.

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