Izea RealRank is probably spying on your site right now..

Have you logged into your Izea dashboard (used to be that three letter words which Google gobbled) and take a look at RealRank?

They are collecting stats right now if you have the javascripts installed. The regular ones that we put on our blog. Nothing else need to be added.

You need to add the new ITK. Go grab it now if you want to get it running. It is explained in Izea Community Blog.

From what I can see, PR is still there. Alexa is still there. And there is an additional column call RealRank (which used to be Technorati once upon a time).

They need a period of 24 hours (from our Malaysian time around 4 am on Wed 21 August) before they can get the data. So, don’t faint and start whining if you see all your RealRanks as NA.

So, have you done anything that can cause your traffic to spike?

Like errmm..

1) Post a nekid photo of yourself (if you are fugly, it’s ok cos people will still talk and still peek to see the definitation of fugly)

2) Leave a suicidal note

3) Tell people you are stopping blogging or errm..something to that effect *winks*

4) Just anything to get people to write and link you?

5) Start dissing some famous bloggers (but this don’t work a long time ago)

etc etc etc.

One reminder to ASIAN bloggers, segmentation is still implanted in most advertisers’ mind so don’t be too hopeful. You may have good traffic but you are in still in Asia.

Good luck with your RealRank! I had taken off this blog from PayPerPost so enjoy yourself with the Real stuff!

Added : I noticed many bloggers are still grabbing opps using their previous PR. In my personal opinion, it is not very nice to the advertisers. And you know what? You better make sure your posts got approved or else you cannot resubmit. A lot of posties are grumbling about giving free space and free work because of this matter.

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1 thought on “Izea RealRank is probably spying on your site right now..


    (November 21, 2007 - 11:41 pm)

    When my PR dropped, I had at least two opps rejected. I thought I couldn’t resubmit as well because the list of blog(s) was empty. I just click on the submit button anyway and it worked. So, I guess they must have changed how it works (or I am an exceptional case). So it is safe to say that we can still resubmit.

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