There are thousand of files to upgrade.

I think it has been more than 30 minutes and the files are not completely uploaded yet. There are over 700+ files to go.

Arrgggh…..I regret my itchy fingers caused the upgrading to WordPress 2.7 RC2. Lucky that I use an unimportant blog to test out the WP 2.7 RC2 or I will be kicking self.

Note to self :

1) Don’t dare to attempt to upgrade when the farking Stimass line is slow
2) The most WTF-kest thing that can happen during upgrading is the whole site is down
3) Don’t upgrade any important blogs just for the fun of it or out of curiousity because the whole site may not work….at all! Think of the money lost during downtime?

Getting this message :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/xxxyz/public_html/aaabc/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 117

is like finding the gigolo you hired has ED (erectile dysfunction). It is that demoralizing.

So WordPress users, don’t upgrade yet. Wait till I finish experimenting.

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