It is Christmas and you are still online?

Obviously, I am. And so are you. That’s why I find this article amusing because one is not suppose to be tied to the PC on a special day like Christmas.

But why not? I had done all there is to be done for Christmas. I had gone to church, gone carolling, cooked up a storm on two days and done all the mushy stuffs. I still have time for blogging and in fact, took a few paid posts too.

It is actually more than that because I was supposed to attend a meeting to get our project website online on Christmas Eve but I was saved from attending because it clashed with my carolling schedule.

So, hey, what’s the hang up about being online, huh?

Do read this:

I hate to leap to conclusions about anyone, but I say, from what I know of you, that you’re an unsociable Scrooge, creeping away from the jolly throng singing carols around the tree, to check your e-mails, browse aimlessly, gorge on humbugs and skulk. You’re probably not even wearing your paper crown.

Hahaha, oh, really?

More likely, you’re an addict. You’re an internet user. You mainline online, and simply can’t make it through to Doctor Who without your daily fix.

Oh no, not me! I had gone for several days without PC. I am NOT an addict. You hear that? I am not an addict. No, no, no! Hehehe.

I bet when you come home from a holiday the first thing you do is turn on not the kettle or even the light, but the computer, to catch up with your spam, to see whether the worldwide web has missed you, and just because that chime makes you feel normal again. Don’t worry, you’re amongst friends now.

Now, that’s scary. That’s what I do. I do that every morning too. Before I put on my contact lenses, I switched on my PC and check how many loves (comments) I received on my dozen of blogs.

Read the rest of the article on BBC

So, are you embarassed that you have multiple posts on special days like New Year, Chinese New Year, Aidil Fitri, Deepavali…..because people know that you have no life?

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2 thoughts on “It is Christmas and you are still online?


    (December 25, 2006 - 3:01 pm)

    Haha! Interesting post. Whilst becoming more embarrased going down the page, I started a rebuttal of my own, to defend myself from being called scrooge/addict. Have to say, I failed as it mainly winded up into: addict. I wondered what the purpose of blogging was as I thought of starting my blog this month (whatever that would distract me from my revision, i’d do). My opinion is, the whole idea of being able to say whatever you want, checking if the worldwideweb missed you while you were gone, and the never ever ending availability of ‘interesting’ things you can do with just a click of a finger is so addictive, that even IF you are NOT totally an antisocial scrooge, many would still want to log in at least an hour or two during the festive season. But perhaps, a lot of us are lonely, whilst in a big city, despite the evergrowing population.

    Ah Pek

    (December 25, 2006 - 8:40 pm)

    same same here.

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