Is your site available in China?

I found this feed from Weblog Tools Collection about ‘Are you banned in China?‘ and decided to test two of my sites.

I am not surprised that my personal blog with tagline using the word sex is banned. In fact, I had tested my site and found that some search engines even labelled my site as ‘adult’. Not surprisingly too because it is ranked highly for Chinese pussy (willow, which is a flower).


However, I am lucky my other food blog is not banned. But unfortunately, I can’t write Mandarin and I guess it will never get the 1 billion traffic that most of us dream of.

Check your site with Great Fire Wall of China. However, I noted from the comments from readers from China that the result is not 100% accurate.


This reminds me of an old post of mine about Chinese surfers in China. They like to surf naked. So, if you have something ‘attractive’ for them, probably, you will get lots of traffic.

According to the U.K. Register, “20,000 Chinese regularly log on to chat rooms completely stark bollock naked.”

(from my personal blog – Chinese surf naked)

If you can write Mandarin, go start a ‘How to woo women’ blog or ‘How to have two boyfriends at one go’ blog. LOL….. Remember that in China, men outnumbered women?

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2 thoughts on “Is your site available in China?


    (April 3, 2007 - 11:15 am)

    My url is blocked too! :(


    (April 3, 2007 - 7:24 pm)

    My personal one hor.. blocked. But my secret one that i write horny stuffs, dint. Stupid’nye

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