Is your Feedburner chicklet showing the right number of subscribers?

If you are a blogger, you wish to have higher traffic, more readers and more subscribers. It is a basic needs, don’t feel bad about that. :P One of the way to show off to the world or maybe just to boost our little egoistic self is to have a Feedburner chicklet showing how many people subscribe to our blog. *points to sidebar, the little blue rectangle showing 70 readers*

You can access to Feedburner here. Sign up for an account and you can start to burn a feed. What is burn a feed? Well, basically it means you open up a channel and people can get what you blog on their readers, very much like when they switch on the TV and tune to your channel. Read all about it on Feedburner.

Previously, all my blogs’ chicklets show between 7 to 14 readers whilst blogs which I think have lesser followers than mine go by the hundreds. So, I was puzzled why my numbers are so pathetic. Then, Andy Beard told me about the WordPress plugin by Steve Smith where I can direct all my subscribers to one location. However, that plugin has now been replaced by a much nicer plugin call the Feedburner_Feedsmith.

After I had deleted the older feed URL, burn a new feed and get new chicklets, my numbers shot up. Now, I am secretly gloating that I have :

Personal blog 5xmom at : 240 readers

Best Recipe blog at : 200 readers

and this Make$ Money$ blog : 70 readers

Well, when I see those numbers, it sort of give me more motivation to write better, blog more useful information and generally, improve myself.

So, if you see your Feedburner showing very sad numbers, there are two reasons.

One : something is wrong with your feeds

Two : something is wrong with you (hehehe, you have to try harder to get more readers, that’s what)

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