I read that if our blog is hosted on some servers with bad neighbourhood, we run the risk of getting spanked by Google too. The websites from the same server share the same IP and hence, if some of those have blackhat activities, i.e. producing link farms or other methods of gaming the SERP, then, we may be affected too.

So, after my earlier post about these two bloggers’ blog who lost their PR, I find out from YouGetSignal.com and true enough, the two bloggers I mentioned are hosted on the same server. I will not give their URLs because I don’t need their blind followers to flame me for the wrong reasons.

Now, are you living in a bad neighbourhood? What other websites are hosted on the same server as you? Curious to find out? You can check from YouGetSignal.com and other sites. Once you entered your blog URL, it will shows you a long list, or short one (as I am using a VPS) of websites ‘living’ with you.

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