I am changing WordPress template faster than I change clothes.

The templates are either :

1) Contain too many links in bad neighborhood;

2) Crash on IE

3) Won’t load on Firefox

4) Won’t complete loading on Safari

5) Hang on all browser

yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda.

Thanks to a few kind folks, they do email or sms me when the template gives problems.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t realise it.  I have IE 7, Firefox (latest version) and Safari.  All my blogs load fine at home.  But it won’t load on other’s PC.

If anyone knows of any template that doesn’t;

1) Crash

2) Won’t take a long time to load

and fulfil this criteria :

a) Looks cool with those Web 2.0 look

b) Have those community buttons (like this blog does)

c) Have spilt sidebars

d) Have middle content width of over 500 pixel

e) Easily modified by idiots like me (who has no PHP knowledge)

f) Will not cause major CPU overload

g) Have one of those cool footer widget

Please tell me.  I am willing to pay for it.  I am just so sick and tired of changing templates.

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