I just log into my SocialSpark account and look around the available opportunities. I registered three blogs there but I didn’t install the codes because those blogs are my PR 4 blogs so I am not risking them by taking paid posts.

From what I see, the opps are not paying well, i.e. rather low amount for 200-300 words. Therefore, I am not incline to submit my PR 0 blogs. However, I do wonder how other paid posties find SocialSpark? Are there lots of opps to do? So far, have you been earning?

I also notice that there is another type of sponsored ad which if I am not mistaken is an ugly pop up ad that momentarily freeze your site during downloading. I had seen a few posties using it and I personally think that it is one of the ugliest pop up ads around. Worse than Adbrite because the thing will float around as well.

I saw one paying USD2.29 per day for the sponsored ad. Are you using it as well? I cannot try it on my PR 0 blogs because it is not allowed by other networks. So do you have these ads running on your site? Can I visit? :)

It is quite a chore to submit a blog to SocialSpark as it involves answering a freaking long questionnaire and selecting what to reveal and what to hide. However, if I get feedbacks from happy and satisfied posties, I may want to submit some PR 0 blogs. But before that, please let me know if PR 0 blogs get any deals?

So, is SocialSpark working for you? Or is PayPerPost doing better? (SocialSpark uses no-follow, PPP must do-follow). I am barely hanging on as the all time top ten earner on PayPerPost. I am expected to be kick off the top ten any minute soon as I do not write for PayPerPost that often too. Faster visit PayPerPost and take a look at my little avatar for one last time, will you? LOL. My current tab shows I have made USD14,686.75 from PayPerPost. (the figure you see on the main board is lower because it is not including PPP Direct and PPP referral fees)

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