During the Malaysia General Election’s traffic spike on my personal blog, I took off my Kontera links because they are so confusing to my readers. My readers on the personal blog are not tech savvy and I know those links are going to drive them to madness. The mention of the word ‘election’ will bring up several links in one post. (you can set the number of links to appear but I am too lazy) Moreover, the whole point during the election was to get people to catch up on the elections news and not to make money.

I personally find Kontera Links an annoyance sometimes. However, on certain blogs where I don’t care about readers’ experience, I do get rather fine income. So far, I have made a few hundred bucks from Kontera. It is slow but there is money to be made from there.

However, they only works on certain categories of blog. Making money and personal blogs are not money maker. But some categories do make about USD60-70 a month. So, I am still hanging on to Kontera eventhough I personally find those double underline (note that you cannot meddle with the codes to make it single underline) and little pop-up bubbles rather irritating.

After all, we are into making money and every little bit counts. If you want to make money with Kontera, you can sign up for Kontera ads here. It is ok to place Kontera with Google Adsense but you cannot have Kontera with paid posts.

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