I never like to keep things in my bookmarks or browser. So, what I do is to type the keyword and search for the link I want. I wanted to check my TextLinkAds and found that there is no link on Google!

textlinkad – This Make$ Money$ site is on #3 but no TLA official site on the first page.

textlinkads – Also no TLA or textlinkads URL

textlinksad – And I finally found it with some foreign languages.

Now, do you find it a bit weird? That a company and website like [tag]TLA[/tag] has so little results on Google? I do. Because if you search for ReviewMe, you get SponsoredReviews. LOL! Now, that’s what I call clever play of SEO.

As for TextLinkAds, they remain my favourite income earner. Do sign up with TLA if you have not done so.

You earn money by placing a URL on your sidebar. No work involves. However, the hardest hurdle is to get someone to buy up a link. Read my related posts on how to get people interested in your blog and how to convince them to buy your link. You also can sell a link in your sidebar. Plus earn money when someone signs up as an affiliate. So, if you haven’t sign up with TLA, do try it now. *points to banner above, grins*

This site has only one link so far because it is just approved by TLA. However, I have sold 8-10 links on my other websites. A site can earn me around USD80-USD140. Good income, right?

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