What kind of attitude is Innity showing? Let me show you proofs.

Back in 2007, they wrote to me. Malaysia is a very small country and the blogosphere is even smaller.

Picture 4.png

So, that was mail # 1.

Then, they spammed me again in 2008 March.

Picture 3.png

I gave them another reply, a very polite one that I am not interested.

Recently, I received another two mails. I have deleted one. But here’s the latest one. This is the FOURTH email.

Picture 5.png

By now, I am of course pissed with the number of emails I get from the same company, different staffs. If Innity cannot maintain a database and track their emails, is that my problem?

So, I whack them with a curt reply :

Stop spamming my mailbox. I am not amused to get emails with just a Hi! This is the 3rd emails I get from Innity. Certainly your company does not want me to blog about how Innity spammed bloggers, do you?


(note that it is the fourth and not third email as I forgot the email in 2007)

And this Raymond whoever he is, is obviously one staff who thinks we bloggers are beggars and are dying to get emails from Innity. He replied :

Picture 6.png

If you had read the email you would notice that it was more than just a “hi’.

We have an upcoming campaign for a prominent baby food product and would like to explore the possibility of advertising on http://www.mymomsbest.com/.

Should you feel that you are already earning more than enough money from your portals, we will be more than inclined to withdraw.

Best regards,

Raymond Teoh

My dear Raymond,

What sort of attitude is this? Who the hell are you to rub it in me with, “Should you feel that you are already earning more than enough money from your portals, we will be more than inclined to withdraw.” ?

Let me tell you something. Firstly, what do you mean by withdraw? Withdraw what? I was never interested in your proposals. So, I have never accepted anything. What right do you have to say you want to withdraw?

Secondly, don’t use the money factor to snub me. In case you do not know, I have owned MyMomsBest website for almost six years already. I give FREE advertising to the work from home mothers. MyMomsBest is the only non-profit breastfeeding and parenting website in Malaysia that runs on my generosity. I give my time, my experience and my own money to it. So, take your miserable proposal and your over inflated ego and go play far-far.

Just you wait till I work on the SEO and you are going to regret shooting an email without thinking twice. I am a blogger but I am not a beggar. I make money the way I choose, not some beggars who pick up whatever crumbs from unknown advertising companies like Innity. Geddit?

For the bosses of Innity, let me tell you this. Malaysian blogosphere is very small, so do some homework and understand how we work before all your advertising companies get the idea that we bloggers owe you for our income. We do not suck asses, we don’t polish shoes.

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