I picked this up from HongKiat who quoted NoktahHitam’s post.

So, if you have been wondering if the site that claims to help you make a lot of money from Google Adsense, the Adsense Taiko is a scam, do read NoktahHitam’s post. He has revealed a lot of things about AdsenseTaiko.com and whether it is a scam or not, you can read all about it.

In fact, NoktahHitam is so furious with AdsenseTaiko, he said :

Since they are full of horse shit, you can download the crappy book below.

Download the Ebook For FREE! Adsense Taiko Free Download

Note to Adsense Taiko: Here’s, my counter attack. Enjoy it, you maggot!

Bwahaha…you can get your free copy of Adsense Taiko from NoktahHitam’s blog. Can AdsenseTaiko helps you to make money online? Is OnlyInMalaysiaMah.com a scam?

Well….I didn’t say anything. I am just giving linky love to Hongkiat and NoktahHitam. You read them all.

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