Increase your blog traffic with ShareThis and Sphere

These two plugins are for self-hosted WordPress but you can find out how to use it for Blogger as well.


Some of my blog posts have received huge traffic when readers submit (or I did it myself sometimes :P ) to StumbleUpon and other community sites. I am surprised that even my old posts get stumbled upon and usually it is the general posts that attract people. So, to maximise the chance of people stumbling them, I have this plugin call ShareThis installed on my blogs. It is that little green ‘Share This’ button at the end of my post.


I love this ShareThis plugin by AlexKing (you should visit his blog because he has nice themes and also marvellous plugins) because it allows people to email the blog post as well. A few of my personal blog readers live in China and they cannot access my blogs. So, their friends over here just email the post to them. Neat eh? You will be surprise what a simple recipe or food blog gets when one person likes it. They spread! That’s why my best recipe food blog has the highest number of subscribers amongst all my blogs.


I am getting tired of BlogRush widget as I rarely see my own posts appearing. However, some old posts from certain bloggers kept appearing and I suspect they have gamed the system. Don’t you just hate it to see an eye-catching title and found out that the post is already a month’s old? BlogRush will soon get kicked out. And that Entrecard is a big joke. I am puzzled why bloggers are using it. I would rather put my blog buddies link on my sidebar than to put some stranger’s 125×125 banner there.


I am now testing out this Sphere because it is unobtrusively as only a tiny button appears at the bottom of my page and I like the related contents to my blog post. Go over to Sphere and find out how you can use it for your Blogger, Typepad and WordPress blogs. You can get the WordPress plugin with just a few clicks. But you need to search a bit for the link. I am lazy to go back and locate where it is. :)

About the related contents? It is interesting. Here I am cussing one thing and another five blogs are asking their readers to join. Doh!

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4 thoughts on “Increase your blog traffic with ShareThis and Sphere


    (January 5, 2008 - 5:29 pm)

    wow, thank for the info. I’ve heard about ‘Share This’ before, but never ever tried it myself, as i’m not sure what is does. And now I know from this post. Thanks 5xmom. :)


    (January 5, 2008 - 8:00 pm)

    WOW..I’ll try one. but there’s hot news.

    Advertlets being hacked and all website that use Advertlets plugin infected. View full story here.


    (January 8, 2008 - 6:42 pm)

    ‘Gaming’ the system is what we do all the time just like paid posts :p

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