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Regular readers may note that I write for SponsoredReviews and have been paid handsomely too. So far, I have shared many tips on how to write paid reviews, how to get advertisers to choose our blolgs and what we need to remember when writing paid reviews.

Well, I am pleasantly surprised that SponsoredReviews has an article with a lot of tips which we bloggers can gain from. It is by Jarrod Hunt titled : 27+1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience.

Before I proceed, Jarrod, you may want to change your permalink to friendlier format like what I am using, i.e. title of our post instead of the blog post number. Anyway, as you said, we are all part of the learning process and we have so much to learn from each other.

There are a many things that I like about the 27 tips provided and I shall list a few of them here:

1) Avoid gimmicks

2) Reach out to your audience

3) Stay topical and timeless

My input : This is one point that I haven’t thought about. Yes, indeed. Whatever is on the internet, stays forever. Therefore, folks, remember to quote the date as well if you can instead of today, this year or something.

4) Avoid alienation

My thoughts on this : Yes, I totally agree on this.

One suggested tip from me

Sell your personality first before you sell your blog

I have one tip that I like to share with newbies is not to get too engrossed in your craze to make money by jamming up too many paid posts on your blog until your real personality fails to shine through. No one likes to pick up a flyer from the roadside and read. That’s what our blog will become if we keep pushing paid posts into them.

Also remember that the blogsphere is a tight knit community and hence, blend in, make some friends before going out of your own putting up paid posts after paid posts. Advertisers hate blogs that have no interaction. You want long term survival? Maintain your blog well.

So, dear readers, bloggers and bloggers wannabe, remember to read, learn and never feel shy to ask. Go over to SponsoredReviews and read their blog on 27+1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience.

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