You know why you have to reveal your income if you are writing about making money as your blog niche topic?

Otherwise, your claims about making money is as good as those roadside peddlers who tell you that rubbing their snake oil twice a day will give you a bushy head of hair on your bald bead. Total BS, i.e. So, showing some screenshot or a cheque or two will give people who follows your tips that little assurance, kinda like seeing a strand or two of hair growing, likedat. Hehehe.

My blog income dropped tremendously since all my blogs got smacked with PR 0. I have also stopped monetizing three of my good blogs with text links and paid post. Hence, yes, income suffers but then, I didn’t rely on my blog income so it doesn’t hurt as much. But then again, I would say that USD1.3K for 12 days isn’t too bad, huh?

While on revealing blog income, here’s a cheque I got from Nuffnang a few days ago. I didn’t pay attention to which month this RM432 is from because LOL, I have a lot of RM400+ there still pending. I normally cash out when I feel like it.

nuffnang cheque

And here’s one secret about making money with local ads. You may not know it but our local advertisers do spy on our blogs. So, yes, the advertisers do have their staffs eyeing our blogs. Hence, if you want to make money, stick with one company that works best. For example, if you have Toyota on your blog, do you think Honda will advertise next to it? We in Malaysia or Singapore live in these tiny countries and therefore, got to play to one tune. If we have too many rojak ads on our blogs, the local advertisers will definitely be turn off and in the end, no one wants to place any ads. And you may ask – Which company to stick to then? Well… your eyes and look around. I don’t have to spell it out, do I? (my other nuffnang cheque)

Added : AndrewOoi got his Nuffnang cheque too.

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