If you blog for money, you may want to consider getting your own site

A few  posties on PayPerPost who used WordPress.com were given notice that they cannot use wordpress.com to blog for money.  They were given a few hours notice, in time for them to transfer their blogs.  It is in wordpress.com fine prints that bloggers are not supposed to use the blog for making profits.  This is understandable considering that the service is free.  WordPress.com provides paid hosting for that purpose.

Today, [tag]Blogitive[/tag]  too made some announcements about this too.

  • Starting on Dec. 4th, we will no longer be able to accept or provide offers to blog hosted on services like writingup.com and blogparty.com.
  • Another site that seems to not be Blogitive friendly is WordPress.com. We have gotten feedback that some bloggers accounts there were suspended after posting for Blogitive.

And to be frank, it is not that expensive to get your own domain and hosting.  If you are serious about making money from blogging through paid posts, do consider this asap before all the other free services like Blogsome, Blogger and others start imposing this.

Like I had  often said before, get your site running now  because it is only ‘valuable’ after a few months.  And nowadays, most advertisers insist for paid posts to be from paid hosting.  Read my ‘10 reasons why you should get your own hosting and domain‘.

Post Author: lilian