I wonder what 2009 holds for making money online bloggers like us?

I brought my old Acer laptop with an external keyboard LOL to my brother’s place in KL. This time, we are cutting cost and did not stay in hotels. I will need two rooms and if we stay for four nights, it easily costs us RM1,500 just for rooms alone. So, we decided to stay at my brother’s place because he has two empty bedrooms with aircond, free laundry, free meals if we want home-cooked meals and free family hospitality thrown in.

Sigh…there are crazy sales going on around KL and prices are slashed up to 80%. Yet, I didn’t buy a single thing except for some books which I cannot find in Penang. In total, I bought only RM120 worth of books.

So, I came back after five days, not any poorer. In fact, much richer. *winks* The best thing is on 30th November and 1st December 2008 when I was at my brother’s place, using my old Acer laptop, I managed to withdraw USD500 x 2 from my Paypal to my bank, AlRajhi. That was the nice part about making money online. On every beginning of the month, we get money pouring in.

However, as I was withdrawing the money, I am also worried if I will see less and less of money trickling in 2009? I wonder what 2009 holds for us making money online bloggers? Will the income remains the same? Will advertisers cut down advertising budget and cause us to earn less? Will advertisers opt for more online advertising and shift from printed media to us bloggers, making us richer?

I guess if we spread out our income to various sources, we will not completely be left ‘stand swimming’ (a Chinese idiom for losing a firm footing). So, I am going to explore more and read up what the experts predict for 2009 where online income is concerned. What are the trends for 2009? What are the products people will want to buy or invest in? How can we take advantage of their needs?

In conclusion, the trip has been refreshing. Though I was still connected to my blogs via my mobile phone and laptop, I do not care much about blogging and didn’t bother checking them. And guess what? The world did not end! Hahaha.

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5 thoughts on “I wonder what 2009 holds for making money online bloggers like us?


    (December 3, 2008 - 6:14 pm)

    now.. the whole world is in bad condition.. even our factory start to slash ppl liao…. worry to get cut..

    then PTP is one of my income source… if online $$$ also drop… mati la….


    (December 3, 2008 - 6:18 pm)

    PTP – Our gahmen say we can never get recession worrrr…..Hehehe. From now on, must start to spend wisely liao lor else, if kena hit by bad recession, all mati sekali.


    (December 3, 2008 - 11:17 pm)

    our gahmen bull shit la… talk nonsense….

    my company start to chop ppl liao la…… lots of ppl’s business drop..

    Fei Fei at US now… go to GUESS outlet… buy 5 bags.. the boss tell them they are the biggest customer… u say how bad US is…..

    Make Money

    (December 6, 2008 - 8:52 am)

    I feel the drop in earning lately,hopefully year 2009 will be better than 2008 :)


    (December 9, 2008 - 5:46 pm)

    anything can happen. So, just work more hard if we want more money. :)

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