I pulled out of P P P and read this Courtney Tuttle’s views

To say I am pissed is an understatement. On November 15th, I submitted this ticket to PPP.


I shall copy the text here for clearer picture.

Dear Ted/Karen Almost all our blogs from Asia who write for PPP have been given a PR 0/10. I lost my PR 5/10 to PR 0/10. After long and difficult considerations, I am taking my two blogs off PPP: http://chanlilian.net (used to be PR 5/10) http://5xmom.com (used to be PR 4/10) I have taken off some posts and will not mind paying back the amount or forego any payments from PPP. This ticket is just to put on record that I am doing this as a last resort because Google has pushed me to a dead end. With a PR0/10, I have no more opps to write anyway. I shall continue to support PPP and put good words about it. I hope with Argus, we will find some solution that will work for all parties. Thanks for understanding. I had to pull back my text link ads as well, causing me to lose a lot of money. Regards Lilian aka 5xmom

November 15th is like many, many days ago. I am still on position 97 in the queue as at today, 21st November. It was position # 261 when I submitted.

When I submitted the ticket, I thought that only our Malaysian bloggers were affected. It is only much later, I realised that almost all PayPerPost posties got smacked with PR 0/10.

From then, I have taken a lot of measures to salvage PR and surrender to Google. I have written many posts on Pagerank. I also feel that RealRank may not help us. Well, I have just read Courtney Tuttle’s very frank views :

What RealRankâ„¢ Is Going To Do?
It’s going to make it 100 times easier for Google to identify you as a sponsored reviewer. You will have to install a piece of javascript in your footer, and Google will easily be able to identify and track that code. If you install the code, you’re running the risk of Google slapping your PageRank or doing something worse if they feel the need.

I encourage you to read Court’s article and also the comments. BTW, I like it when Court make sure that none of his commentors ran out of topic. You know what I mean? Whack them before they start to talk crap.

Again, read my posts thoroughly before asking me stupid questions, k? Don’t read just the title and start blabbling. I hate that.

P/S : Did I tell you that I sent a request to TLA to take down my links and got an immediate response and action without any delay? I also got an understanding reply from TLA with no questions asked.

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4 thoughts on “I pulled out of P P P and read this Courtney Tuttle’s views


    (November 21, 2007 - 2:37 pm)

    Yes, I read his well argued article. Seriously though, I wonder how the other search engines view on this PR thingy. Might be a good opportunity for them to try to win some votes from bloggers.


    (November 21, 2007 - 2:47 pm)

    pablo – Actually Court did point that out. He said those who make a lot of noises represent only 0.1% and Google can do without it in order to make their searches more relevant.


    (November 21, 2007 - 3:09 pm)

    Well, he quoted 10 billion sites under Google’s stats and the noises represent 0.01%. That’s a million sites making noises. Still quite a fair number considering how much money could be generated on those 1 million sites :D

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