I hate Tuesday!

PayPerPost has made me hate Tuesdays. All the folks in US are having a ball clicking those ‘Take Opportunity’, causing PPP to slow down. I had just been smacked with “Please do not click the submit button twice.” Like doh, what can I do? I click and I didn’t get any reaction so I hit the Enter button like a hammer. Kehkehkeh.

Do you know why the folks in US are doing that? Because they have these huge, kick-ass HDTV to win. Can you imagine the thrills of taking ‘just another boring opp’ and only to find out later that you actually won cool stuffs? It is a lot more fun than winning the lottery.

Bah, I am envious of the US posties. I hate you. *shows tongue* I cannot submit my opp because the dashboard refused to load. *continue to hit the Enter button*

Post Author: lilian

10 thoughts on “I hate Tuesday!


    (May 23, 2007 - 2:54 am)

    Stopped using pay-per-post when they refused to credit me back for posts that did not meet the criteria I paid for.

    Support staff never responds.


    (May 23, 2007 - 3:26 am)

    same laaa …. auntie….
    so tension !

    Jase Lee

    (May 23, 2007 - 8:35 am)

    My night Streamyx connection disallow me to join the cyber community at night… *sigh*


    (May 23, 2007 - 1:35 pm)

    “All of the available posts for that opportunity have already been taken”

    I hate this the most!

    Ah Pek

    (May 23, 2007 - 1:44 pm)

    Ya I hate it too.. So damn long to load one stupid page.

    Drug Rehab Program

    (May 23, 2007 - 2:25 pm)

    I hate how slow these connections tend to be. They get even more frustrating specially when you know that hot prices are up for grabs. Patience is a virtue, but not in the virtual world where speed is of the essence.

    Andrew Ooi

    (May 23, 2007 - 2:51 pm)

    Well it’s not just on Tuesday but I feel the PPP servers are ridiculously slow on most days. Perhaps they should think about upgrading it to speedier machines or lines.


    (May 23, 2007 - 11:48 pm)

    I know, it’s so frustrating to use dial-up and slow connections.


    (May 24, 2007 - 11:29 am)

    i know i hate last tuesday coz so busy in the office.. :)
    sorry not PPP yet… so tiam tiam lah.

    chooi peng

    (May 24, 2007 - 1:52 pm)

    i hate Tuesday too.. sit in front of the system and see the offer flies over…

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