SIGN UP FOR CHITIKA NOW! It has made me lots of money.

Do you know that Chitika was the first company I made money online from? In 2005, clicks from Asia were included and I did get a sum of money each month. Chitika was the reason I opened a PayPal account and I got my very first payment on Paypal through Chitika.

After that, I sort of forget all about Chitika because when they exclude clicks from the Asia continent, I wasn’t earning much anymore. I think I have neglected my Chitika account for 3 years already. Today, I decided to log in and I found I still have USD9 bucks there!


Above screenshot of my account with Chitika. So, I decide to check out what Chitika offers for bloggers. I am surprised that they now have so many types of ads that we can place on our blogs. Why not sign up Chitika and see for yourself? The below is my affiliate banner. :)

Get Chitika eMiniMalls

I have taken Chitika for a ride. I use the Related Products and placed it on my parenting blog. It fits nicely in the single page. You can view one of my post on high fever and note the Related Products ad.

Chitika also have the in link ads very much like Kontera. I have put the code on my blog but can’t see any links appearing yet. Beside that, I saw one white space ad. I didn’t use the code but I think Mac users and those with huge monitor will be able to see one ad appearing outside the theme of our blog. Interesting…

Now, I wonder how soon can I make money with Chitika? Enough for me to cash out the balance USD9 that has been around since 2005.

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